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Solar Energy Finance

“Cradle to Grave” Experience: Successfully funding, constructing, and operating energy projects, particularly solar and other renewable energy projects, is an increasingly dynamic, complex, and difficult process involving many different stakeholders. Solar power stands out as an industry that has moved well beyond the “infancy stage” and into its current position as a practical, profitable option for many businesses. Technological advancements and public policy have helped drive this success; however, as incentives have grown increasingly complex, with some multiplying and others contracting, businesses may fail to take full advantage of opportunities to maximize the return on their solar energy investments. Gibbons leverages our many years of experience across multiple practice groups and disciplines, as well as our deep relationships in the business, banking, and government communities, to help our clients structure, finance, and close these complicated transactions, and to provide a quality “cradle to grave” service to developers, investors, end-users, and other industry participants.

Types of Projects: We work with businesses covering the full spectrum of today’s dynamic solar energy industry on projects of all shapes and sizes. We provide cross-disciplinary legal counsel in the following areas, among others:

  • Structuring of solar transactions to optimize tax credits and benefit from other federal and state incentive programs, including Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
  • Financing of solar projects, including debt financing, sale-leaseback arrangements, and equity and/or tax-equity investments
  • All real estate considerations and issues, including purchases and sales, leases and licenses, permitting, zoning, environmental matters, and regulatory compliance
  • Due diligence and structuring of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures; corporate and shareholders’ agreements; and accounting and financial reporting requirements
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts and supply and vendor contracts, including interconnection, off-taker, and power purchase agreements
  • Disputes and litigation relating to all aspects of solar projects, including lien and construction related disputes

Leader in New Jersey: Clients seeking to build renewable energy projects within the state of New Jersey, where Gibbons is the leading government relations law firm, as well as a leader in real estate finance, land use, and environmental law, greatly benefit from our advice and assistance. Utilizing our experience in the legislative process, our strong relationships, and intimate knowledge of government programs and incentives in this area, we structure plausible transactions designed to take advantage of project and permanent financing and/or incentives from many private and non-private sources.

Nationally Recognized: With national recognition for our transactional and finance practices, Gibbons has a long history of advising clients in project finance. Thirty-five Gibbons attorneys concentrate on finance and transactional matters throughout our offices. We have advised on numerous cutting-edge transactions and are well positioned to meet client energy finance needs across the entire New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania regions.