Alternative Dispute Resolution

The prosecution and defense of complex litigation matters have long been very significant components of our practice. However, concerns about the expense and delay associated with traditional litigation in state and federal judicial systems have led to a national movement to seek alternative forms of dispute resolution. Gibbons has a long commitment to affording clients flexible and cost-effective legal representation. To further this goal, the firm has created an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice within our Commercial & Criminal Litigation Group. The members of the practice include retired senior appellate judges of the federal and state court systems, as well as a distinguished group of practitioners, each with long experience in alternative adjudicative processes. The ADR practice represents a wide array of sophisticated clients, including corporations, partnerships, unincorporated associations, individuals, and nonprofit organizations.

As a leader in ADR, Gibbons has the knowledge and experience to assist in a wide variety of ADR proceedings as diverse as our multifaceted litigation practice areas. The firm has decades of experience representing clients at every level and forum of the dispute resolution process, including mediation, arbitration, and special discovery master proceedings. We help our clients manage all forms of disputes, from relatively simple matters to highly complex cases in construction litigation, employment and labor relations, products liability and securities class actions, intellectual property, and antitrust matters.

The Gibbons ADR practice offers a superlative array of judicial resources, including James R. Zazzali, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey.