General Products

Gibbons has been actively engaged in the general products liability field for over 40 years. During that time, we have gained extensive litigation experience in the defense of product design and manufacture. The nature of the products we have defended is varied and includes farm and agricultural equipment, hand and power tools, tires, heavy industrial conveyors, boats, elevators, hydraulic equipment, industrial presses, copying equipment, heavy industrial cranes, chemicals, medical devices and related equipment, and numerous other products. Some of the companies we have represented include the world’s leading automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical/life sciences, heavy equipment, and utility vehicle manufacturers, among many others.

In the area of automotive design and manufacture, specifically, we have represented a variety of manufacturers and components suppliers. In the great majority of the cases handled on behalf of our automotive clients, Gibbons either tried cases to successful conclusions or achieved settlements favorable to the clients. Some examples of the nature of defects we have successfully defended over the years in the automobile design and manufacture area include allegedly defective steering columns, ball joints, transmissions, seat belt designs, accelerators, fuel lines, tires, windshield and window integrity, axles, metallurgical, and crashworthiness claims.

Several of our litigators have specific experience defending clients, including public utilities, in a variety of strict liability personal injury, negligence, and property damage matters. With respect to the representation of public utilities in tort and other matters, our attorneys have defended several personal injury cases involving fatal or serious injuries from electrocution and gas (natural and propane) explosions. In addition to personal injury matters, we have represented public utilities in property damage cases involving a range of damage levels. In this regard, we have acted as pre-litigation counsel during the investigation stage, in addition to handling matters once they have reached the courthouse. Our attorneys have defended a number of other types of clients, including fuel transport system companies, oil and fuel companies, and electronics manufacturers, in electrocution, fire, and explosion cases involving serious personal injury or substantial property damage.