Investment Banking Advisory Service

Identifying and selecting an appropriate investment banker – then utilizing the investment banker’s services effectively throughout the process of selling or buying a business or raising capital – can be the critical factor to realizing a successful transaction closing. In order to select an appropriate investment banker, the business owner should utilize meaningful experience and relationships in the investment banking industry. Many Gibbons attorneys have served during their careers as business owners, CEOs, and/or investment bankers/intermediaries. We have extensive experience and relationships across the investment banking industry, from the smaller focused boutiques, to the middle market, to the larger “bulge brackets,” encompassing transactions from $10 million to over $250 million in deal value.

The attorneys on the Investment Banking Advisory Services Team at Gibbons rely on their industry experience and relationships to counsel business owners in identifying, selecting, and utilizing appropriate investment bankers for their transactions, whether for purchases or sales of businesses or for capital-raising purposes. The Gibbons Corporate Group serves in this special counsel role, in addition to providing the traditional services of contract negotiation, documentation, legal due diligence, and closing matters. The goal of our Investment Banking Advisory Services Team is to assist business owners with the investment banking process and provide them with legal advice and assistance to identify, introduce, negotiate, select, and work with one or several potential qualified and appropriate financial intermediaries for the given business owner’s situation.