Workplace Planning for Coronavirus Concerns

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March 4, 2020

As coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, employers have begun to inquire how they can safeguard employees’ health and well-being while ensuring the ability to maintain essential business operations. Employers large and small should take the time now to assess policies and processes addressing specific operational and human resources plans and issues in light of the current and evolving circumstances, as well as anticipated plans in the event of a pandemic. For example, employers should consider communicating their efforts to maintain safe and healthy workplaces, issue refreshers on time out policies, evaluate employee work from home feasibility and options, consider travel limitations, and establish business continuation plans in the event of regional or city-wide outbreaks. Employers may also wish to remind employees about their own obligations to contribute to safe and healthy workplaces, by encouraging each employee to stay out of the office in the event of illness, maintain a quarantine after certain travel, and communicate confidentially to human resources in the event of a coronavirus diagnosis of an employee or employee’s relative or household member. Our attorneys have worked with employers in responding to pandemics over the years and have been updating our protocols as the coronavirus has advanced.

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