Speaker, NJICLE's 2019 Summer CLEfest, "FootPrints in the Digital Sand: The Cutting Edge of E-Discovery: A Review of the Latest Developments & What They Mean for Litigators & In-House Counsel," Atlantic City, NJ


August 9, 2019 | 1:15 PM - August 9, 2019 | 2:40 PM EST

Featuring: Christine A. AmalfeJohn T. Wolak, CIPP-USChristopher LenzoStephen M. OrlofskyEric RobinsonHonorable Joel B. Rosen (Ret.)Scott J. Etish

The paper trail has all but vanished, replaced by a digital footprint. And what a large footprint it is. From GPS’s to online purchases, Snapchat, Instagram, text messages, Twitter and e-mails, it’s possible to trace someone’s daily whereabouts, conversations and habits in detail electronically. Deleted items never really disappear, but are waiting to be discovered in the electronic archaeological “dig” that is e-discovery. Sometimes you don’t have to dig that deeply, but often the dig is complicated and challenging to conduct. Correctly done, it can yield valuable information and provide significant and strategic opportunities in litigation. E-discovery mistakes can cost law firms business, cause serious security issues, and even get attorneys into ethical trouble.