Speaker, Gibbons Seventh Annual E-Discovery Conference, "Keynote Debate - Big Brother Is Watching: So What?" Whippany, NJ


October 30, 2013 | 12:30 PM EST

Featuring: Lawrence S. LustbergPatrick C. Dunican Jr.

The fundamental concept of privacy has dramatically influenced our views about how “Big Data” is created, used, disseminated, and protected – especially in 2013, when we witnessed the extent of privacy-related risks posed by rapidly advancing technology and globalization. The Gibbons E-Discovery Task Force presents the 7th Annual E-Discovery Conference, “Privacy in the Electronic Age,” an all-day program that will provide a comprehensive overview of recent privacy related e-discovery issues, along with practical advice for in-house counsel and business executives on addressing these issues.

Patrick C. Dunican, Gibbons Chairman and Managing Director, Lawrence Lustberg, Chair of the Gibbons Criminal Defense Group, and The Honorable Paul J. Fishman, United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, will participate in the Keynote Debate, “Big Brother Is Watching – So What?”

Where should the lines be drawn between security, civil liberties, and our own expectations of privacy? Our panelists will debate how our government does, and should, use advances in technology to protect our homeland. They will also address questions, such as:

    • Has the gathering of private electronic communications by the government violated American privacy protections, or is it essential for homeland security?
    • What information should internet service providers be required to divulge to the government?
  • Should the courts play a role in the ongoing debate, and, in cases of national security, should such proceedings always be open?