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Profiles in Diversity Journal Announces the 10th Annual Innovations in Diversity Award Winners


July 25, 2013

Gibbons P.C. achieved Honorable Mention recognition in the 10th annual “Innovations in Diversity Awards” competition held by Profiles in Diversity Journal. The firm was recognized for its thought leadership of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s strategic plan for diversity. The winners’ innovations and successes are featured in Profiles in Diversity Journal’s July/August 2013 issue.

The Gibbons Diversity Initiative (GDI) has always demonstrated bold, creative thought leadership, to promote the inclusion and retention of diverse professionals throughout the legal and business communities. As a result, the firm’s Chief Diversity Officer, Luis J. Diaz, was named Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee for the New Jersey State Bar Association’s (NJSBA) Diversity Committee last year. He is authoring the strategic plan for diversity that will guide the entire state bar and its member attorneys and firms and will oversee the plan’s practical implementation and serve as a resource for NJSBA members. The resulting strategic plan, which is in the late stages of development, recommends numerous diversity and inclusion enhancement initiatives. Internal efforts to strengthen the NJSBA itself will focus on: institutionalization of efforts to increase access and inclusion; increased participation and leadership on diversity issues by diverse members; and member education and communication on issues and goals. External initiatives, to assist NJSBA member firms and attorneys, will cover guidelines and tools for critical business processes in law firms.

Profiles in Diversity Journal’s 10th “Annual Innovations in Diversity Awards” program honors corporations, organizations, and institutions that have developed innovative solutions in the area of workforce diversity and inclusion.

About Profiles in Diversity Journal
Profiles in Diversity Journal, now in its 15th year, is a bimonthly magazine focusing on diversity/inclusion in business, government, nonprofit, higher education and military settings. The focus of the Journal is on senior leadership, best practices, workforce diversity strategies, and recognition of employee contribution.