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Gibbons Ranked Among Top 100 Law Firms For Diversity By Multicultural Law Magazine


March 16, 2012

For the eighth year in a row, MultiCultural Law has named Gibbons P.C. one of the “Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity.” In 2012, the firm ranked 89th on this list.

This ranking reflects several recent innovations that Gibbons has put into practices through its award-winning Diversity Initiative. For example, Gibbons is currently focusing its efforts on alleviating the gap between attrition rates of minority and non-minority attorneys throughout the legal industry. While the Gibbons Diversity Initiative has always had a holistic focus on recruitment, training, mentoring, retention, and innovative programming to hone associates’ professional, business development, and networking skills, the firm recently began to explore the strategic management of key business processes to help lower the attrition gap. In addition, Gibbons has finalized and fully implemented its pioneering supplier diversity program, GDI-123.

MultiCultural Law is a leading media advocate for attorneys and other legal professionals, recognizing leaders in the movement for diversity and inclusion throughout the legal industry and honoring the proactive achievements of law firms that continue to make a positive difference in this area. Annually, MultiCultural Law distributes surveys to law firms across the nation and derives their diversity statistics to later create the highly competitive “Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity” list.