Gibbons Participates in USHAA Corporate Diversity Awards and NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony


August 13, 2010

Underscoring its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and “doing good while doing well,” Gibbons P.C. was an active participant in the August 13, 2010 Bravo Awards Luncheon, presented by the United States Hispanic Advocacy Association (USHAA). The program focused on the current state of diversity efforts throughout corporate America and celebrated some of the more innovative and successful of those efforts. The event ended with the ceremonial ringing of the NASDAQ closing bell by USHAA representatives, including Luis J. Diaz, Chief Diversity Officer of Gibbons and President and CEO of USHAA.

The Bravo Awards recognize the country’s most forward-thinking corporations in terms of workplace diversity, supplier diversity, minority leadership, and other key criteria. The summit’s educational programs included a presentation and analysis, led by New Jersey State Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-NJ, 20th Dist.), of the corporate diversity report prepared by the office United States Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ). Patrick C. Dunican Jr., Chairman and Managing Director of Gibbons, gave the keynote address, a challenge to corporations to establish, utilize, and constantly develop their own diversity best practices, highlighting the strong business reasons for companies to strategically focus on diversity.

“USHAA is the nation’s only Hispanic advocacy group focused entirely on economic issues, so the organization speaks with real credibility to the compelling business rationale for a diverse and inclusive workforce,” says Mr. Diaz. “The fact that its mission, as well as the major themes of the Bravo Awards and ceremony, reflects the goals of the Gibbons Diversity Initiative – ensuring equal access and inclusion for all people – makes me proud to be a part of both USHAA and Gibbons.”

Mr. Dunican notes, “There is only upside for companies that promote diversity and inclusion in the current and upcoming business environments. USHAA can provide great insight and guidance to help corporate America rise to these challenges, which we are addressing at Gibbons through our Diversity Initiative.”

The Gibbons Diversity Initiative supports diversity on an ongoing basis, in hiring, vendor selection, and community investment; helps recruit, retain, develop, and advance a more diverse attorney workforce; and promotes diversity awareness both at the firm and more broadly. Gibbons also recognizes the solid business reasons for such a strategic focus on diversity: the increasing diversity among the emerging talent pool of new attorneys and business leaders (including those at client companies) and the contribution that a diversity of viewpoints adds to the best possible work product for clients. In addition, the Gibbons Diversity Initiative supports many community-based and other external organizations that strive to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the issue of diversity in the legal profession and the greater community.