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Gibbons Launches IP Law Alert Blog


January 6, 2010

Gibbons has launched an online resource to provide practical perspectives on developing legal and business news, analysis and discussion: the IP Law Alert blog, found at www.iplawalert.com. This site will provide current intellectual property news and developments to in-house lawyers and business people.

Catherine M. Clayton, a Director in the Gibbons Intellectual Property Department, will serve as editor of the blog. The blog’s editorial board includes David E. De Lorenzi, Chair of the Gibbons Intellectual Property Department, and Frank A. Bruno, a Director in the Department.

“Gibbons is proud to launch its first blog focusing on an area of the law that is of great importance to our clients,” said Patrick C. Dunican, Jr., Chairman & Managing Director of Gibbons. “The Gibbons Intellectual Property Department’s attorneys have varied experience in legal, business and engineering positions with major international companies spanning the life sciences, telecommunications, medical device and other industries. This firsthand industry knowledge will prove valuable to readers of IP Law Alert.”

IP Law Alert’s content will focus on the intellectual property issues impacting business today, distilling an extraordinary amount of available information to introduce the news and topics most useful to the audience; providing links to key external resources; adding Gibbons attorneys’ unique perspectives and seasoned insight, based on legal and business experience; and initiating in-depth discussions among readers.

“Our posts will respond to key legal and industry developments that we think our clients should have thorough knowledge of, with analysis that adds value,” added David E. De Lorenzi, Chair of the Gibbons Intellectual Property Department. “Content might be as simple as a brief comment on a ruling or a link to something interesting covered by someone else in the field. The diversity of substance is what will make IP Law Alert particularly user-friendly.”

To learn more or subscribe to the IP Law Alert, please visit www.iplawalert.com.