Gibbons Hosts Special Education Clinic


November 28, 2017

The Gibbons Child Advocacy Team would like to thank its pro bono partners Dun & Bradstreet and Legal Services of New Jersey for participating in its first-ever NJ Special Education clinic. At the clinic, attorneys from Gibbons and Dun & Bradstreet met with several New Jersey families to provide pro bono legal advice to help navigate the complexities of the special education system and guide the families in their efforts to secure the necessary educational services to which their children are entitled as a matter of New Jersey and federal law. The Gibbons Child Advocacy Team is committed to addressing the legal needs of children and their families.

The Child Advocacy Team, led by Debra A. Clifford and Mary Frances Palisano, parents themselves, provides sound, practical advice in the areas of Special Education Law, School Discipline, Student Rights, and Juvenile Delinquency and Criminal Matters. Our lawyers possess the knowledge and experience to resolve disputes through negotiation or litigation before the Office of Administrative Law or state or federal courts. Our clients can expect to receive personal, hands-on representation when they need it most.