Gibbons Director Christine Amalfe Featured in Law360's “Female Powerbrokers Q&A” Series


February 3, 2014

Christine A. Amalfe, Chair of the Employment & Labor Law Department at Gibbons P.C. and Co-Founder of the Gibbons Women’s Initiative (GWI), has been featured in Law360’s “Female Powerbrokers Q&A” series.

Law360 is a preeminent online news source covering all major litigations and transactions involving the world’s top 2,000 companies, as well as broad legislative and judicial developments and news about the nation’s 250 leading law firms. Its “Female Powerbroker Q&A” series, which has been ongoing since November 2013, has to date highlighted more than 90 esteemed women attorneys from the nation’s foremost law firms.

In her Q&A, Ms. Amalfe discusses the challenges facing women in the law, and how programs like the Gibbons Women’s Initiative can help women advance in the profession. She also shares advice for junior attorneys, and provides a look at a woman she admires in the legal field.

To read Ms. Amalfe’s full feature, please see Law360’sFemale Powerbrokers Q&A: Gibbons’ Christine Amalfe.”