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Gibbons Attorneys Recognized for Pro Bono Participation in Fugitive Safe Surrender Program


March 23, 2010

Gibbons P.C. Directors Susan L. Nardone, Damian V. Santomauro, and Peter J. Torcicollo, along with associate Carla N. Dorsi, have received certificates of appreciation for their pro bono work as part of the Essex and Union County Fugitive Safe Surrender Program.

The Fugitive Safe Surrender Program took place last fall at the Bethany Baptist Church in Newark and was the seventeenth such operation held nationwide. Target individuals for this initiative included those with outstanding non-violent warrants issued in New Jersey, regardless of the originating county or local jurisdiction. In most cases, each participant was able to meet with an attorney, see a judge, and have his or her case adjudicated on-site at Bethany Baptist Church and the nearby Priory. The Gibbons pro bono team members were among the volunteer attorneys who assisted throughout the program’s four days.

James Plousis, United States Marshal for New Jersey, launched the Newark operation, coordinating with government, corporate, non-profit, and faith-based partners. In addition to the Marshals Service, the Newark program was supported by numerous key law enforcement agencies and judicial partners. Marshal Plousis signed the Gibbons team’s certificates of appreciation, along with the New Jersey Attorney General and the Essex and Union County prosecutors.