Speaker, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, "The Nuts and Bolts of Federal Practice: Everything You Need To Know To Handle Federal Matters With Confidence," New Brunswick, NJ


November 4, 2019 | 5:25 PM - November 4, 2019 | 9:00 PM EST

Featuring: Christopher Walsh

When you’re a new attorney or practicing in an area you’ve never practiced in before, issues you’re not fully prepared for can often emerge. Even when you read the relevant rules, statutes, and case law, you can still be left wondering what to do.

This program will give you the foundation that you need to handle federal cases. Expert attorneys will present a program on federal court practice and procedure that will help you draft quality pleadings and motions, navigate the sometimes confusing local rules and help you understand what the magistrate judges and federal district court judges are looking for from attorneys. You’ll also receive insights and tips on Rule 16 pre-trial conferences and how that intricate rule can help you prepare your case for success. The speakers will also mention some of the questions that people have but don’t always ask, like “where do I park?” “where do I go when I get to court?” and “with whom do I check in?”

You’ll come away with the practical information that will help you avoid costly mistakes and navigate the system with confidence.

Topics Include:

  • Jurisdiction – Which matters are heard in federal court as opposed to
    New Jersey Superior Court
  • Removal to Federal Court – Considerations as to why a case should or
    should not be removed and the procedure for removal
  • Nuts and Bolts of Federal Pleadings – Drafting tips and requirements for
    complaints, answers and amending complaints upon motions to dismiss
  • Review of the Local Rules – The most important rules to remember in the
    NJ District Court that will help your case have a smoother journey
  • Motions to Remand – Issues to consider and best practices in drafting or
    opposing them
  • Rule 16 – Pretrial conferences, scheduling and management – Purposes,
    requirements, what the Court may consider, actions that the Court can
    take and why and what the judges would like you to know
  • Oral Arguments – The experts weigh in on do’s and don’ts