Moderator, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, "Pay to Play 2019: The Latest in Campaign Finance," New Brunswick, NJ


June 4, 2019

Featuring: Steven H. Sholk

In the coming months, New Jersey will see several contested elections for Congressional Seats – 2019 promises to be yet another banner year in the ever-evolving world of campaign finance.

  • Do you or your clients contribute to political campaigns?
  • Do you represent entities seeking government contracts?

New Jersey has the strictest pay-to-play laws in the country. With the proliferation of county and municipal pay-to-play ordinances that are substantially different from the state rules, compliance with the pay-to-play rules at all levels of government has become increasingly difficult. Non-compliance can result in the loss of government contracts and the ability to participate in redevelopment projects. Fines and criminal sanctions can also result. As a result, it’s important for businesses (including law firms) to establish controls and monitor corporate as well as employee contributions, so unintended violations do not occur.

If you represent any entity seeking government contracts at the state, county, or municipal levels, or if you represent businesses or law firms that contribute to political campaigns, you need to fully understand the latest developments in campaign finance rules, so clients can avoid potential violations.