Speaker, New Jersey State Bar Association, Essex County Bar Foundation, and the Garden State Bar Association Webinar, "Race and the Law - What We Can Do Together to Effect Change"


August 20, 2020 | 9:00 AM - August 20, 2020 | 4:00 PM EST

Featuring: Kevin G. Walsh

From our largest city streets to our suburban cul-de-sacs, from professional sports organizations to corporate America, a rallying cry for the eradication of systemic racism is resounding. But with the time ripe for meaningful action, what can lawyers do? Whose stories do we need to hear? What examples should be followed? How can we encourage those who don’t see the problem to participate in finding a solution?

The conversation will be guided by Raymond M. Brown, the renowned human rights and criminal defense attorney. The day will kick off with Ray’s thought-provoking interview of Kevin Richardson of the “Exonerated Five.” At the age of 14, Richardson was among a group of Black and Latino boys falsely charged with attacking a woman in Central Park. He was wrongfully incarcerated for seven years. His personal story and positive message brings new light to the power of criminal justice reform.

The day will continue with topic-specific panels that will delve into timely subjects like police conduct and jury selection and will include an effort to raise all of our awareness of places where race bias lurks undetected even by those of goodwill. The day will end with a look — and a path — forward.