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Speaker, NAWL, "The Pipeline to Equity Partnership," New York, NY


July 19, 2012

On July 19, Patrick C. Dunican Jr., Chairman and Managing Director of the firm, will serve as a panelist at the upcoming NAWL 2012 Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon on the topic of, “The Pipeline to Equity Partnership: The Skills, Strategies and Stumbling Blocks Senior Women Lawyers Encounter on Their Path to Reach Equity Status.”

Mr. Dunican’s panel will discuss NAWL’s new program focused on senior women lawyers approaching the point of equity partnership. The panelists will provide:

  • insight and guidance on the skills, strategies, and priorities that are necessary in becoming an owner
  • guidance on specific topics such as gender bias, effective and ethical client management and the risk of internal politics
  • conversation and the exchange of ideas on the ethical and professional challenges that senior women lawyers may face
  • lessons on how to align skills to a firm’s strategy, culture and position in the marketplace.