Speaker, Lawline.com Webinar, "Location, Location, Location...and Liquor: Liquor License Issues in Real Estate Deals"


May 10, 2021

When opening or purchasing a new restaurant, bar, or hotel, a client must lease or purchase the perfect location and secure a license to serve alcoholic beverages. This course, taught by Jennifer Phillips Smith, a Director at Gibbons P.C., will assist transactional real estate attorneys with spotting issues related to liquor licenses in the purchase, sale, lease or financing of real estate. Although every state has different liquor laws, the program will highlight differences in state law that can significantly impact the viability, timing, and financing of real estate for uses that are dependent on the sale of alcohol.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify due diligence necessary in a real estate transaction to determine the type, availability, and transferability of a liquor license in a particular jurisdiction
  2. Discuss restrictions on alcohol service that may arise from documents in title, State law, or local ordinance
  3. Review special considerations for hotels and hotel managers, landlords and the right of first refusal, and issues that may arise for lenders