Speaker, Gibbons Tenth Annual E-Discovery Conference, "Crossing Boundaries: Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls While Complying With International Discovery and New EU Data Regulations," West Orange, NJ


November 18, 2016

Featuring: Jeffrey L. NagelJeffrey GriffithsDr. Jürgen HartungBirgit Kurtz

The European Union’s Data Protection Directives are being supplemented with a uniform set of rules meant to create a high level of personal data protection. In addition, the EU’s “safe harbor” provisions have been struck down, resulting in the recent announcement of a “privacy shield” agreement between the U.S. and EU to allow data transfers without running afoul of Europe’s existing strict data protection rules. Under this regime, cross-border litigation creates new problems for companies and litigants seeking discovery. Panelists will discuss these recent changes, best practices for litigants, and ethical concerns facing lawyers as they navigate the landscape of EU data collection, processing, and production.