Speaker, Gibbons P.C., "The Fourth Annual Employment & Labor Law Conference: Psychological Disabilities and Emotional Distress Damages - Finding the Escape Route," Florham Park, NJ


February 27, 2015

Featuring: Christine A. AmalfeDr. Steven Simring, M.D., M.P.H.Suzanne Herrmann Brock

The National Institute for Mental Health estimates that one in four adults experiences mental illness in a given year, which means that more than 61 million Americans could request workplace accommodations for psychological disabilities. Accommodating employees with psychological disabilities is a thorny issue, as typically these disabilities are not visible until an accommodation is needed and employers are not sure of the best way to accommodate them. At the same time, employment-related claims for emotional distress damages are on the rise, creating significant exposure for employers.

This panel will address best practices for accommodating employees with psychiatric disabilities, strategies for avoiding emotional distress claims, and how to effectively defend against litigation in this area.