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Speaker, Gibbons P.C., "Protecting Your License from Litigation Landmines," Newark, NJ


February 20, 2014 | 12:30 PM EST

Featuring: Kevin G. Walsh

Litigators are frequently confronted with situations that pit what is seemingly best for the client against an attorney’s obligations to the court and others. Because of today’s adversarial and time-intensive practice of litigation, certain situations can be mishandled — and other landmines completely overlooked — if the attorney does not have a basic understanding of the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct.

At this presentation, Kevin will analyze both actual events and hypothetical examples that expose key areas for concern within the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct. Topics to be discussed include candor to the tribunal, truthfulness in statements to third persons, the proper scope of representation of a client, and the use of joint defense agreements in civil litigation.