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Speaker, American Planning Association, New Jersey Chapter, "The Use Variance: Whether, When and How?," New Brunswick, NJ


January 31, 2013

Featuring: Howard D. Geneslaw

Howard D. Geneslaw, a Director in the Gibbons Real Property & Environmental Department, will speak at the upcoming NJ Chapter of the American Planning Association’s 2013 New Jersey Planning Conference on, “The Use Variance: Whether, When and How?” The panel will cover New Jersey’s unique, ever changing concept of a policy variance.

Mr. Geneslaw, among other panelists, will discuss:

  • The differences between commercial and residential applications;
  • Regional differences in commercial and residential practices;
  • How to develop the skill to advise your clients on choosing a path between use variances and rezonings;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of bifurcation;
  • How to arm yourself for the discussion about “usurpation;” and
  • Being prepared to address the policy requirements to support a successful application.

For more information or to register, please click here.