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Faculty & Planning Committee, Georgetown University Law Center, "Georgetown University Law Center's eDiscovery Training Academy," Washington, D.C.


June 13, 2013

Featuring: Mark S. Sidoti

Mark S. Sidoti, Chair of the Gibbons E-Discovery Task Force, will speak at the Georgetown Law Center E-Discovery Training Academy. The Academy will provide a full scope of the E-Discovery practice, including the strategic, legal and technical aspects of the field, along with an emphasis on the connection between technology and law. The latest legal issues affecting E-Discovery, such as technology assisted search, legal hold analysis, work product and limitations on waiver, will also be addressed during this program.

Mr. Sidoti will be contributing to numerous panel discussions throughout the week, and will address the limitations and protections afforded litigants in E-Discovery proceedings in his panel, “Limitations and Protections in Producing ESI.” His panel will:

  • Review controlling costs and objections based on burdensome, relevancy, overbroad, and accessibility of ESI
  • Analyze proportionality, sampling and their effect on ESI disclosure
  • Explore the legal cases and steps for entering into a nonwaiver agreement, when an inspection of computer system is justified along with the appropriate forensic and privilege procedures.