The Clerkship to Associate Pipeline (CAP) Program


Each spring and fall, CAP, launched in 2018 and led by Chief Diversity Officer Robert Johnson, assists several highly qualified students of diverse backgrounds, selected by participating faculty and administrators of several area law schools to prepare for post-law school employment.

For second-year students, CAP helps prepare for the clerkship hiring process. Our attorneys conduct comprehensive mock interviews and additional structured Q&A sessions with participants. We consider whether a given participant might be particularly suited to one or more of the judges with whom we have worked closely and, if so, make appropriate introductions. Second-year law students can also earn an early inside track to employment at Gibbons after completing their clerkships.

For third-year law students, CAP focuses on the post-clerkship associate hiring process. Our attorneys help participants highlight different aspects of their clerkships during interviews for associate positions. Third-year students who participate in CAP also receive priority consideration for associate positions at Gibbons after completing their clerkships.

The CAP Program, though new, is well-positioned to drive growth in the diversity of the New Jersey judicial and legal communities, including that of Gibbons. Seven second-year law students participated in its very first session, with six securing clerkships with judges in various state trial and appellate courts and the New Jersey Supreme Court.

If you are a student at any of the law schools that participate in the Gibbons CAP Program and would like more information about applying to the program, please contact the firm’s Chief Diversity Officer, Robert L. Johnson.