Fostering Collaboration, Streamlining Processes
Gibbons has a robust computer systems platform, one that provides all of the functionality necessary to effectively deliver legal services. Our clients have differing needs and expectations. We therefore have a wide variety of solutions in place, and offer flexibility in our approach to technology related requirements. We have developed computer systems that:
  • Foster a collaborative environment with our clients and co-counsel, such that information and resources can be easily, and securely, shared.
  • Streamline internal processes such that our attorneys are able to concentrate on the practice of law.
  • Allow us to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of our clients, calling on our wide variety of technical resources to provide the specific solution most appropriate for the situation.

An Exceptional Team
Gibbons has a seasoned Information Technology Department that has extensive experience working with clients to provide a bridge between technology systems. On staff are programmers adept at creating programs that facilitate the transfer of data, on a large scale basis, from one program or platform to another. In addition, Gibbons maintains several high speed, redundant internet access points for access or sharing of data in a secure fashion.

All Gibbons attorneys utilize smartphones for wireless connectivity to email at all times. Laptops are readily available with secure, remote access to the firm’s internal network resources, enabling them to provide legal services to our clients from anywhere in the world. Faxes are received electronically via our e-mail system, such that information and document sharing with clients and co-counsel is at the attorney’s disposal, regardless of physical location or time constraints.

Sytems utilized by our attorneys and Litigation Support Department include a case management system that enables attorneys to organize, search, and share case documents and helps litigation teams build effective case strategies and persuasive, compelling narratives; a document review system that gives attorneys, paralegals, and litigation support staff an efficient way to organize, search, and retrieve essential case documents in preparation for trial; image management systems used to view, search, annotate, and produce digital images and to store, redact, endorse, and produce millions of images, greatly reducing the costs normally associated with hard copy review and production; a transcript management system that enables real-time connections via the internet with streaming audio and instant messaging; and a trial presentation system that provides the tools to effectively organize all kinds of electronic case exhibits, including scanned images, photos, charts, vector graphics, deposition clips, video and audio recordings, PowerPoint slide shows, Word and Excel documents, 3D models, and more.

In certain circumstances only a custom solution will suffice. In those cases, the firm has programmers on staff for creation of custom solutions utilizing Microsoft SQL and Access databases.

In many cases, Gibbons has found it most beneficial to share information with our clients and co-counsel As such, we offer secure, web-based access to documents, threaded discussions, critical deadlines as well as all of our litigation support tools from anywhere in the world via our firm Extranet. Our clients require only a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer; Gibbons provides all necessary components, including the personnel to assist and support the applications. This development effort has proven invaluable in many of our most recent cases in overcoming distance and time constraints, and has greatly enhanced our ability to add value to our client relationships.
Having standardized our platform on the Microsoft Office suite of products, the firm utilizes the Exchange email system. Our policy follows the ABA Formal Opinion on Protecting the Confidentiality of Unencrypted e-mail in that our attorneys are instructed to consult with their clients as to the particular needs of the matter at hand. To meet the requests of many of our clients for secure e-mail and attachment delivery, we use a server solution. Clients receive a link to our certifiedmail server in order to easily obtain the mail message and any attachments. All security is managed by our server. This solution provides all the encryption and securities features available today, including wireless encryption.
To foster a collaborative approach to document creation, we utilize Workshare Professional which is integrated with our email and document management systems and which provides an organized approach to multi-party document review In addition, discovery and removal of hidden data and visible content leaks is accomplished at each juncture of the process. Gibbons attorneys can, with one quick click, produce write-protected documents in PDF (Adobe) format with digital signatures and secure authentication using the public/private key model. The determining factor is the need of the client and the technology it employs. The firm's document management system and precedents database allows for sharing of work product among our attorneys and thereby avoids “re-creating the wheel.” Our case management systems provide us the ability to track critical deadlines on a firm-wide or work-group basis.
Gibbons utilizes the Aderant Expert system, a sophisticated time, billing and financial reporting system, which has the capability to produce electronic bills in LEDES format, or any other ASCII format specified by the client. Task related codes can be implemented, utilizing the ABA standard, or customized to the client’s specifications. Many clients have in-house case management systems, or utilize the services of third-party vendors such as Examen. Gibbons has many such clients, and is fully capable of working within any structure required. Flexibility in meeting our clients' needs is the key to successful implementation.